Back to see the surgeon

So follow-up visit with the surgeon today!

No bad news (yet) and plenty of good news.

Good news–my cancer is early stage (1b); the three lymph nodes that were taken are all negative, meaning it definitely hasn’t spread; the left side also is negative.

(Possible) bad news–apparently my cancer is a little weird, so they are doing a few more tests, the results of which we will find out whenever I meet with the medical oncologist, possibly as far away as two weeks.  Treatment won’t be precisely determined until after these tests, so chemotherapy is not off the table yet, and I won’t know for a little while.

While I was hoping to learn everything today, I was fully prepared to find out that a lot was going to be up to the oncologist.  What I was terrified of was being told that it is way worse than they suspected, spread to the lymph nodes, and I would spend, not just the summer, but the entire rest of the year dealing with this.

Also in the good news column, I got the left drain out.  The right side is almost almost there, so, barring something odd happening over the weekend, I should certainly get it out on Monday.  Y’all getting these drains out will seriously improve my quality of life soooo much.  I haven’t been able to cuddle with the dogs, or really even get too close to them if they aren’t asleep, because of fear they would accidentally snag one of the tubes in a paw.  I haven’t been able to sleep on my side because of the drains.  Showering with the drains is an annoyance.  Recording the amounts three times a day is getting really old, not to mention the cool-science factor has worn off and now it’s just fucking gross.  If the tube gets bumped (so if I move), it shoots a rocket of pain up my side.  Can’t wait for this aspect to be over.

So I’m getting there.  One drain out, one to go.  Good news from pathology.  Surgeon happy with how everything is healing.  My range of motion is improving daily (I drove today for the first time since before surgery–put it off, not because of taking narcotics, but because I couldn’t really hold my arms out).  After Wednesday of next week, two-week mark, I shouldn’t have to limit myself nearly as much as I have to currently.  And now, knowing that my cancer is officially Stage Early removes a huge source of anxiety.


1 thought on “Back to see the surgeon

  1. Cheryl Atherton

    Everyone was pulling for you and getting the good news! 😂 just continue on with your positive attitude.


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