Day two, post TPLO

Today was okay/fine.

I gave Kira a sedative at bedtime last night in addition to her pain pills. It knocked her out so hard I couldn’t get her up to pee until 10 am. Even then I had to force the issue. She slept pretty much the rest of the day, and when she wasn’t sleeping, she didn’t seem too stressed out. Mostly calm and out of it.

Her leg is swollen, something I was warned about and should resolve in a week. She put a bit of weight on her leg this morning at potty time, but not the rest of the day. Her appetite is not great. She will eat a little dog food if I make it more interesting with some cheese or cold cuts. I’m not too alarmed. Camp was absolutely obsessed with food and the drugs would occasionally make him lose his appetite. I don’t want to acquire any bad, picky-eating  habits, but I figure it is more important right now for her to just eat something, especially when she gets the upset-tummy pill. She is drinking normally. She has avoided the cone of shame for another day, probably because she was simply too zonked to lick.

I get my first COVID shot tomorrow morning. YAY! But it will be the first time she’s left alone. If tomorrow morning is anything like most of today, I won’t be too worried. I can always put her in the crate, but I kinda think, especially if I give her a sedative before I go, that leaving her under the dining table will be fine.


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