Monthly Archives: December 2013

Gotta start somewhere

Okay so I paid some $ to renew this domain name, and I’ll be flushing $ down the toilet if I don’t start using it.  If only I had something to say!

It’s been years now since I blogged regularly.  I do miss the writing.  I still compose posts in my head.  I just…ugh.  Feel out of practice.  Because I am.  Totally out of practice writing nonfiction.  I think a lot of my hesitation in jumping back in is the knowledge that it won’t be the same.  It won’t be the grand old days of LJ.  But I won’t ever know if it can be good anyway without doing it, so here goes.

I will probably discuss writing and my current story.  And probably I will use this as a diary dealing with exercise and coming back from injury.  And I will talk a lot about the everyday stuff that makes up my life.

So until then, hopefully a matter of days instead of weeks and months, so long!